The Tradition


”All art forms aspire to the condition of Music (Schopenhauer)” . The pre-eminence of Music amongst other art forms lies in its ability to seamlessly convey through harmonious melody the emotive nuances straight to the hearts of the discerning audience. Indian classical Music in general and Carnatic Music in particular have evolved over time and have reached lofty heights by adding a lustrous edifying dimension to Music perfecting an unbroken tradition emanating from the Infinite reality and its manifestation namely “Sama Veda”, Carnatic Classical Music achieves the triple distinction of exhilarating the Mind, ennobling the Heart and finally elevating the Soul. The soul stirring feature is unique as it leaves an indelible imprint on the listener. Devotion to the chosen Reality, with or without form, is an integral and essential component of Carnatic Classical Music. The Carnatic Trinity, the profound creative geniuses, Sadguru Sri Thyagaraja, Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar and Sri Syama Sastri were the very embodiment of such sacred tradition. Music thus sanctified by devotion ensures a perennial appeal to the connoisseurs and the laymen alike. While seeking release from the bonds of mundane life it admirably radiates pleasurable aural joy to the scholar and the uninitiated to the devout and the non believer with equal felicity. Successive Saintly Vaggeyakaras have, thus, bequeathed to us a priceless treasure driven by boundless unconditional Love for the fellow beings.

It is the sacred bounden duty of all of us, the inheritors of the sublime bounty, to preserve, protect and propagate Classical Music and all other affiliated art forms. We have ventured to pay our own humble homage to the enlightening tradition of Music by launching a “Sabha” and named it aptly as Nada Prabha. The vision of Nada Prabha is to perpetuate the hoary tradition and allow it to evolve and blossom. The target group chosen is the youth, who are the harbingers of progress and freshness of out look. We intend to hold Vaggeyakaara utsavam, facilitate the Maestros, create a platform for the bright young artistes and undertake continuous activities that subserve the objectives of the sabha. This is our way of offering our obeisance to the uplifting classical carnatic music tradition. We earnestly welcome you to be part of this “Nada Yagna” and be the recipients of the grace of “Nada Brahma”.

The profound objectives of “Nada Prabha” can be transformed into a beautiful reality only with your whole hearted participation co-operation and support.